Saturday, 27 October 2012

Spanish Gold Fly - Female Sex Liquid - Sex Water

Spanish Gold Fly - Female Sex Liquid - Sex Water

Spanish Gold Fly-female sex medicine , making efficiency within 5 minutes and qickly reaching climax

1,Chinese original herbal sex product for female
2, Make you feel hungry for sex
3, No side effect

The product has good effect in estrus induction for 
female. after taking the medicine for 5 minutes, women usually feel unconstrained with the heart beating fast, face flushing breathing deeply,and can not help making love.

Usage and
Dosage: Orally take one piece each time,without color or taste,quickly absorbed in any wine or drinks

Note: Do not take it unless in sexual intercourse and children are not allowed to use it .Only one piece is taken each time.It is not allowed to use it for inducing girls.

Specification: 5ml/piece, 12piece/box

keep it in shade and dry environment.


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